Glow in the Dark Concrete Patio & Walkway

Glow in the Dark Concrete Patio & Walkway

This glow in the dark concrete patio and walkway was Powered by 1/2" AGT ULTRA Glow Stones in Aqua Blue & Emerald Yellow. The concrete pad was poured and then the glow stones were seeded on top and troweled in. Then a chemical retarder was applied to expose the AGT glow in the dark stones.

Click HERE to learn how... "How to Apply AGT Glow Stones in Concrete" 

Walking on stars... AGT Commercial-Grade Glow Stones require 8 minutes of daylight in order to achieve a full charge - lasting all night...


Powered By: 1/2" (12-14mm) AGT Commercial-Grade Glow in the dark gravel in Sky Blue and Emerald Yellow glow colors.

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