1 lb. - 20-40 Mesh - ULTRA Aqua Blue Coarse Glow Sand

Ambient Glow Technology

This NEW size glow sand is excellent for detailed work OR can be mixed into a concrete face coat batch and either poured or sprayed to create a completely even coverage. It can also be seeded on top of setting concrete or epoxy surfaces. Also great for outlining borders or logos.

Weight: 1 lbs
Initial Brilliance: Extreme: Aqua Blue
After Glow: 12+ hours
Sizing: 20-40 mesh
Daytime Color: Pale Yellow
Uses: Used in concrete face-coats, GFRC, micro-toppings, epoxy, topical cement, stucco, and more. 
* Should not be used in concentrated, water-based applications like aquariums.

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