Ultra-Grade Glow Stones

Designed for the Most Demanding Glow Projects...

We developed our AGT™ ULTRA Glow Stones in response to the needs of a number of our international architectural clients who specified a requirement for a photoluminescent stone that exceeded even our industry-leading AGT™ Commercial-Grade Glow Stones.

AGT™ ULTRA Glow Stones feature a Glow Power of: 1215-2244 mcd/m2 @ 1min. -  which equates to a 30% higher luminosity and glow duration than our AGT Commercial-Grade Glow Stones. Our glow stone features a 30%-60% higher luminosity & glow duration than ANY OTHER resin glow marble, glass glow stones or glow pebble products commonly available on the internet - GUARANTEED!

DO NOT compromise your project vision by trying to save a few dollars and buying inferior, hobby-grade glow marble or glowing glass chips.

Please contact us directly for High Volume – Project Pricing.