Super-Charge Your Glow Stones Project


The Impact of Competing Light Sources on Glow Stone Performance

 AGT™ ULTRA & COMMERCIAL-GRADE Glow Stones have been engineered to perform under many environmental conditions and are unaffected by most chemicals. They are also not affected by extreme climates such as high heat, sub zero or wet environments.However, one of the most important conditions that must be managed in order to get the highest performance out of any glow aggregateis the presence of competing light sources. Competing light sources are typically only an issue in urban or city environments where streetlights are present. These polluting light sources affect a glow stone’s ability to be seen.

The Solution for Competing Electrical Light Sources

After a few years of testing in the AGT™ Glow Labs and later with the Disney Imagineering Team working on “The World of Avatar” exhibit, we discovered that periodic or interval light-bursting with a UV spectrum LED light can effectively enhance an AGT™ glow stone’s luminosity. UV spectrum light is one of the sun’s wavelengths of light that charge photoluminescent materials. Interestingly, UV spectrum light can penetrate clouds allowing AGT™ glow stones to be charged even in daylight. Artificial UV LED lights or black lights can be used to mimic the sun’s charging ability of glow stones at night.

The Way it Works

As previously mentioned, AGT™ glow stones set in concrete or asphalt will glow very well without the introduction of an artificial charging source. But if the project scope includes the presence of competing white lights, UV spectrum LED lights can be installed to assist. In these cases, UV lights - also known as ‘blacklights’can bepositioned  to cast their light onto the surface containing the glow stones.  A short 60-120 second burst of UV LED light will charge the AGT™ glow stones to peak luminosity. These UV LED light bursts can be easily automated by introducing a simple digital timer (see below) Timers can be set to allow the UV LED Lights to remain ON for 1-2 minutes and then turn OFF for 60 minutes. So over a 10 hour period, only 20 minutes of electricity would be consumed.

Example of UV LED Lights Installed in Railings along a Bike Path with Glow Stones

UV LED Lights are embedded in the safety railings along the path to charge the glow stones.


The Efficient ‘Cycle-Charging’ ofGlow Stones

 In the images below, the digital timer has triggered the UV LED lights to the ‘ON’ position. Allowing a burst of UV light to cycle-charge the glow stones in this glowing concrete surface.

In the image below, the digital timer has triggered the UV LED lights to the ‘OFF’ position. This illustrates just how well the UV LED lights charge the glow stones in only 1-2 minutes.