Ultra grade AGT glow stones in Sky Blue and Aqua Blue glow colors

Glowing Concrete Wave Walkway, Twin Silo Park, Fort Collins, CO., USA

The “Wave Walk” in Twin Silo Park is one of the highlights at this amazing new park in the City of Fort Collins, Colorado. It features beautiful gardens as well as giant slides built into the silos. For this glowing concrete project, Artist Jill MacKay utilized 1/2" AGT™ ULTRA Grade Sky Blue and Aqua Blue Glow Stones to create a glowing wave in the newly poured concrete.


First, the concrete is poured and troweled out.


Next, the AGT™ Glow Stones are seeded all over the wet surface of the concrete and carefully troweled in so that they are just covered with a thin layer of cement. At this point, a concrete retarder is sprayed over the surface and then pressure washed off.



Here is the final glowing project...

Jill MacKay's glowing "Wave Walk" design was executed perfectly - creating further depth and dimension in this gray-by-day concrete surface.