Commercial-Grade Glow Stones

The Glow Stone Industry-Standard Since 2010

AGT™ is a Commercial-Grade Glow Stones supplier. Our glow stones established the glow performance benchmark for professional-use glow stones in 2010. Since then, this glow in the dark gravel remains the go-to product for clients requiring a moderately priced, high performance glow in the dark stones. They will glow for over 8 hours after just 8 minutes of daylight making them perfect for glow in the dark walkways and many other applications.

AGT™ Commercial-Grade glow stones have a Glow Power of: 1215-2244 mcd/m2 @ 1min. and were specially formulated to outperform ANY and ALL types of resin glow marble, glowing glass stones or glow pebbles commonly found on the internet. We Guarantee It!

Please contact us directly to by bulk glow stones as we offer Project Pricing.