AGT™ Glow Stone Performance Comparison

AGT™ Commercial Grade

AGT™ Commercial Grade Glow Stones were the original Glow Stones which launched back in 2008 and have become the industry-standard glow stone for concrete ever since. They feature a 15-20% brighter and longer glow duration than any other natural glow marble, glow stone or glow crystal on the market today.

Commercial Grade Glow Stones

Commercial Grade Colors: Aqua Blue, Emerald Yellow (Green) & Sky Blue

AGT™ Ultra Grade Glow Stones

AGT™ ULTRA Grade Glow Stones are 25% brighter & longer glowing than our Commercial Grade glow aggregates. ULTRA Grade glow stones were developed in 2015 for architects designing glowing bike paths and pedestrian walkways in city green spaces. Specifications called for the brightest and longest glowing glow stones possible. After some time, AGT™ Glow Labs unveiled the world’s first DIN67510 Part 1 compliant super-luminosity glow aggregate AGT™ ULTRA – which boasts the longest and brightest afterglow in the industry.

Glow Stone Colors

Ultra Grade Colors: Sky Blue, Aqua Blue, Emerald Yellow (Green)


Glow Stone Sizes

What is the Best Size of Glow Stone for my Project?

It really comes down to the look you are trying to achieve. The larger the glow stone, the more energy they can store – resulting in a brighter and longer glow effect.  In general, the best size glow stone for large exterior or interior concrete projects is the ½” (12mm) size which may vary in size by (+/-) 1/8” (2mm-4mm). Some exposed aggregate concrete projects use specially ordered (from the concrete supplier)  ¼” – sized pea gravel concrete aggregate. In this case, the ¼” (8mm) AGT™ glow stones would work best.