How to Accurately Test AGT™ Glow Performance

In order to accurately see how our AGT™ Glow Stone & Glow Sand perform, we suggest you create a small sample containing AGT™ OR take the raw AGT™ glow aggregate and fully charge it under an artificial light like a fluorescent for approximately 15 minutes or in direct sun light for approximately 10 minutes. Then place your glowing concrete sample OR AGT™ glow aggregate in a dark, windowless room.

At first, the AGT™ glow sample will be glowing extremely bright. We call this the AGT™ InitialGlow. After a few hours the AGT™ InitialGlow will begin to reduce gradually and become a stable glow level we call AGT™ AfterGlow. The AGT™ AfterGlow is the longest and brightest in the world. In order to actually see how well the AGT™ Glow Stone or Glow Sand is performing, return to the room 4+ hours later, preferably WITHOUT turning on any lights along the way* and view your sample.

AGT™ Glow Aggregate Performance and the Human Eye…

 The human eye requires between 5 to 15 minutes to adjust from a light-filled environment to darkness. In the past, we have heard from clients who charged their AGT™ sample with a light source and then immediately placed it in a dark room. They were extremely impressed by the bright InitialGlow. But after leaving their AGT™ sample in the room for another few hours, they returned and were less than impressed by AGT’s apparent lack of performance.

 In actuality, the AGT™ sample in question was performing as per specifications. The reason why it ‘seemed’ to be less bright was because the Observer did not allow ANY time for his/her eyes to adjust to the dark environment. After only 2-3 minutes in the dark, the Observer will witness the AGT™ glow stone or glow sand becoming brighter & brighter until it reaches maximum AfterGlow level.

3 Things to Remember…

  •  Remind your clients about their eye’s natural abilities and initial limitations.
  •  AfterGlow intensity will vary based on type & volume of AGT™ aggregate used.  
  •  Competing light sources like streetlights in the area will hamper glow performance.

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