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Glow Aggregates

Glow stones also known as photo-luminescent aggregate were first introduced to the concrete industry in 2008 by Ambient Glow Technology – AGT™and have since gained global notoriety due to their magical glowing qualities. Unlike shimmering, Mica-laden or fiber optic embedded concrete, glow in the dark stones ‘self-power’. They absorb UV spectrum light and store it until the charging source is no longer present and then begin to give off their energy in the form of ambient light. This maintenance-free, charging and discharging process will continue indefinitely allowing concrete and asphalt surfaces to luminesce for many years to come.

In general, glow stones are powered by photo-luminescent (glow) pigment otherwise know as Strontium Aluminate - a non-radioactive rare earth element. This glow pigment is mixed into either resin or glass to create a glow stone. Different grades of glow stones contain higher or lower loading rates of glow pigment.

Yes, AGT™ glow stones are safe, eco-friendly and non-toxic.

AGT™ glow stones will continue to function in a cementitious or resin-epoxy matrix for 20+ years.

AGT™ Glow Stones last anywhere from 15+ hours depending on which type you select for your project.

You can purchase AGT™ Glow stones from our site or reach out to our Glow Experts via our contact page.

Well there a number of different types of glow sand available on the market – some that perform and others that do not. Most are using some variation of Strontium Aluminate pigment combined with other proprietary substances that increase overall glow intensity and duration. AGT™ Ambient Glow Technology has developed a proprietary type of non‐toxic, high performance glow sand which is available in 3 different glow colors: Sky Blue, Aqua Blue, and Safety Yellow. It’s available in two different mesh sizes: Fine (100-­‐150 mesh) and Course (20-­‐ 40 mesh).

Glow sand is typically available ‘uncoated’. What ‘uncoated’ means is that it is unprotected and will disassociate or breakdown when mixed with water and cease to perform. This obviously poses a problem for any concrete, cement, stucco or plaster application where water is utilized. In order to circumvent this problem, each grain of AGT™ Fine glow sand has been treated with a proprietary coating that makes it waterproof and thereby ‘concrete-­‐friendly’. AGT™ glow in the dark sand can also be used in solvent or water-­‐based epoxies and sealers!

It is a specially designed high performance glow aggregate designed for use in exposed aggregate concrete applications which use a pea gravel mix. Most often used in pool plaster batch applications where the 1/8" pebbles are mixed right into the pool plaster batch.

Most of the time, nothing! Depending on the manufacturer, they may use stone, rock and pebble to denote the size of the stones. At AGT™ we generally refer to our Glow Aggregates as Glow Stones as this is the most common way to refer to them.

Absolutely not. AGT™ Glow Stone will NOT shrink OR expand under any extreme environmental conditions from high desert heat to cold winter conditions.

AGT™ Glow Stones and Glow Sand can be integrated into any type of design or structure which utilizes – cement, concrete, plaster, epoxy or resins. Visit the Projects section to see what others have created with AGT™.

AGT™ glow aggregate is off-white or light yellow in color during the day depending on the glow color you choose - allowing it to blend seamlessly into any surface design.

AGT™ glow stones and glow sand can be used as a unique functional design element on ANY type of surface application ranging from but not limited to:

EXTERIOR: Pedestrian Walkways, Bike Paths, Driveways, Patio & Pool Decks, Stairs, Outdoor Entertainment Areas, Residential Pathways, Pools, Spas, Benches, 3D Sculptures, Exterior Support Walls, and Pavers etc...

INTERIORS: Floors, Walls, Kitchen Counters, Bar Tops, Tables, Bathroom Vanities etc...

Yes - AGT™ glow rocks and glow sand can be easily utilized to form shapes or logos using the same process used by terrazzo and epoxy finishers. Visit the Projects section to see more applications.

AGT™ Super Luminosity glow stone and glow sand can be mixed with epoxy or cement based coating materials to form directional markings for pedestrian and/or vehicle traffic applications.

Policy Questions

Subject to the terms and conditions herein, Ambient Glow Technology (“AGT™”) warrants its glow stone products to be free from manufacturing defects and to glow under normal usage for a period of 20 years from the date of purchase and will perform as outlined in AGT™ Tech Data Documents #003 and #004. To learn more about AGT™ Limited Warranty click here.

In the unlikely event that a customer chooses to return any product, IT MUST BE WITHIN THE FIRST 30 DAYS OF THE DATE OF RECEIPT. ANY purchase over 30 days will not be accepted. Product returns will ONLY be accepted by our Shipping & Receiving Department if accompanied by a prior issued RMA# (Return Materials Authorization). To learn more about our Refund Policy click here.

All orders placed between Monday-Friday before 2pm EST will be shipped within 24 hours. If order is placed after 2pm EST Monday-Friday or on Weekends the order will go out on the next business day. If you have a project that needs expedited delivery, please contact us directly. To learn more about our Shipping Policy click here.

Yes! It's +1 (877) 248-8641

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