Glow Stone Photo Checklist

Three Different Time of Day Shots

Arrive at site location in late afternoon for optimal daytime images. Return for the same shots during sunset, and again at night when the sky is pitch black and the stones are optimally glowing.

Day Time


Night Time

Types of Shots

Take the following 6 types of images as showcased below during each time of day. If available, use a tripod in the same location of each photo for optimal before and after shots.

Close Range

Close up shot from standing.

Medium Range

Take a few steps back to get more of the project in scope.

Long Range

If possible, get a full shot of the project in scope.


Get a close up, low angle photo of the project


Using a tripod, get a time lapse of the project from sunset to dark.

Glowing backyard bartop powered by Ambient Glow Technology's Ultra Grade Glow Stones


Use your creativity for an artistic shot of the project.

Glow Project Photo Contest

Submit photos of a project using AGT™ Glow Stones for a chance to win up to $1000! Contest runs every year.