Application Techniques

Glow Sand Installation Guide



Glow sand can be applied in a variety of ways from hand-broadcasting over fresh/wet surfaces like concrete or surface sealers and epoxies to mixed integrally in a batch of either. Before application, decide which technique you will be utilizing.


The Hand Broadcasting Technique

Consider using a Powdered Sugar Dispenser or a Restaurant-Style Salt Shaker to dispense the AGT™ glow sand evenly on top the surface. For concrete applications, hand-trowel the sand after dispensing it. These tools allow for a consistent spread over the surface, ensuring an even glow. For sealers, epoxy surfaces or concrete, apply while the coat is still wet.


The Mixing Technique

Another application method is mixing AGT™ right into the material mix. In GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) and stucco applications where a compressed air hopper gun is used to apply a Face or Mist Coat, AGT™ Fine or Course glow sand is mixed right into the batch. When sprayed over the surface evenly, the glow sand creates a beautiful, uniformly glowing surface.


Seal the Surface

Once the first coat of sealer or epoxy is dry, apply a second protective coating. For concrete surfaces, apply a concrete retarder and let the concrete cure. Follow retarder product directions for optimal results.