Glowing Pathway Markers

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      Illuminate Your Path with Magic and Safety

      Discover the latest innovation from Ambient Glow Technology (AGT™) - the Glowing Pathway Markers. These radiant disks and domes are not just decorative wonders but also beacons of safety in the dark. Each Glowing Pathway Marker is ingeniously crafted to be easily affixed to almost any surface, be it wood, stone, or concrete. Installation is a breeze - all it takes is a simple screw or nail. Place them along pool decks, wood decks, stair treads, walkways, or anywhere you desire a touch of luminosity.

      Eco-friendly and cost-efficient lighting solutions from AGT™ Glowing Pathway Markers are a testament to sustainable innovation. These glowing guides require no electricity, instead, they harness the power of the sun. Just 10 minutes of sunlight energizes them to glow for over 15 hours, lighting up your space from dusk till dawn.