Scientific Research Team at U of FL Determine AGT™ ULTRA Grade Glow Stones Highest Performing.

A Scientific Research Team at the University of Florida’s Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering concluded that Ambient Glow Technology’s ULTRA Grade glow aggregates are the highest performing glow stones in the world.

Ambient Glow Technology™ was beyond excited when our ULTRA Grade glow aggregates were chosen as one of the glow aggregate materials being tested in a research study conducted by Mr. Ramaswamy at the University of Florida’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. He and his research team scientifically tested the performance  limits of our AGT™ Ultra Grade Glow Stones compared with those offered by other reputable glow stone manufacturers.

The purpose of the study was to “determine spectral and luminance characterization of long afterglow phosphors and their applications in concrete and asphalt”, or in other words, which glow stones have the brightest and longest glow. It also explored the future possibility of “integrating long afterglow photoluminescent materials (phosphorescent) onto sidewalks, bike paths and roads as a night time visibility aid”.

Project research goals included:

1. Procure commercially available phosphor samples from a variety of companies  and testing them for their luminance and spectral characteristics.

2. Select the best samples on the basis of luminance and spectral measurements. The samples with the highest brightness and the slowest decay rate would be the most suitable.

3. Perform exposed aggregate and compaction procedures specified by companies for fabricating asphalt and concrete mixes.

4. Determine suitable sizes for the afterglow phosphor aggregates to be integrated in asphalt and concrete mixes. This was accomplished by studying luminance measurements and their stability in the mixes.

Several tests and experiments were conducted including:

  • Luminance and spectral measurements for glow stones from different suppliers
  • Phosphor embedded concrete and asphalt samples
  • Afterglow behaviour of embedded concrete and asphalt samples

In conclusion, the team determined that:

“Ambient Glow Technology’s stones glowed the brightest and had the shortest decay rate. Hence, they serve as the best company to go ahead with (for concrete or asphalt projects requiring glow aggregates)”. 


University of Florida - Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Research Paper: