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Glowing Polished Concrete Vessel Sink


The Glowline is the 4th luminous trail in the U.S.

“We tried a variety of materials, and these stones were the brightest and glowed the longest,” - Kindra Greene, executive director of the Elizabeth River Trail Foundation.

Glow Trail At The Ramon Crater Starlight Reserve

This international title recognizes sites around the world where the night sky is maintained in its natural state, preserving the unique appearance of the starry night sky in all its glory.


The next evolution in glow stone technology...

The World's Highest Performing Glow Stones


Ambient Glow Technology™ is the world leader in high performance glow in the dark stones for concrete and asphalt substrates. Our NEW AGT™ ULTRA-X Glow Stones are engineered to provide the brightest initial luminosity and longest glow persistence in the world! According to DIN 67510-12009 Third Party Lab Testing, these HYPER-LUMINOSITY glow stones exhibit an industry-leading Glow Power Rating of: 8796 mcd/m2 @ 1 minute.

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Global Project Map

AGT™ glow aggregates have been used in public parks, trails, pathways and art installations all around the world. Checkout our project map to plan a visit to see them for yourself!

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Glowing Pathway at night made by seeding AGT™ Glow Stones onto concrete.
Concrete & Asphalt
Glowing Pathways
Designed as an alternative to costly electric lighting. AGT™ Glow Stones are perfect for lighting pedestrian walkways, pathways, trails and more.
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Glowing concrete pool deck made with AGT™ Sky Blue and Emerald Yellow Glow Stones
Pool Decks & Plaster
Create a glowing pool deck or patio by adding AGT™ Glow Stones to the surface. Swim with the stars by adding AGT™ Mini Glow Pebbles to your pool plaster.
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Why use AGT™ Glow Stones?

Industry Leading Glow Duration

Our AGT™ ULTRA-X Glow products are the latest in a line of state-of-the-art glow-in dark innovations. This time around, we've replaced traditional glowing pigments with an efficient microcrystal that can store and emit light for hours after being exposed to artificial light - aka photoluminescence! AGT™ products can maintain their glow in the dark qualities for 15+ hours. With only 8-10 minutes of exposure to daylight or UV light, they will continue glowing long into the night.


AGT™ Glow Stones are up to 65% brighter than ANY commercial grade glow stones, glow in the dark gravel, glowing pebbles, natural stone glow marble, or glow glass chips commonly available online.

Eco-Friendly & Energy Efficient

All of our products are designed to be environmentally friendly, non-toxic and REACH compliant. The photoluminescent material used in AGT™ products has been proven safe for the environment, humans and pets.


State-of-the-art glow chemistry in the AGT™ Glow Labs has produced waterproof glow in the dark glow pigments that work amazingly well in water-based applications. The glow performance of our glow in the dark sands remain unmatched by common photoluminescent or afterglow pigments.

Energy Saving Solar Power

AGT™ Glow products require no electricity and thus, they do not consume any natural resources. No need for artificial lighting when you have AGT™ ambient lighting in your backyard, park or city path.

Installation Guide


A 5 step process for installing AGT™ Glow Stones in concrete paths, walkways & trails.

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Performance Characteristics

Most Advanced Glow Technology

AGT™ ULTRA-X glow stones feature a proprietary manufacturing process utilizing the highest loading of Strontium-Aluminate doped with pure Europium (SrAl204) technically possible.

Longest Glow Duration

AGT™ Hyper-Luminosity glow stones feature best-in-class brightness and the longest glow persistence on the market.

Infinite Lifespan

Powered by natural daylight, AGT™ glow stones fully charge in under 10 minutes and will continue to self-power to create electricity-free ambient light for well over 20 years.

Buyers Guide

Not all glow stones are alike. Different types of glow stones perform differently. Our Buyers Guide is designed to help you choose the right glow stone for the best look.

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Glow Calculator

Not sure how much glow stone you'll need? Our handy AGT™ Glow Calculator App will help you find the exact amount of glow stone for your project.

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ESG Compliant

AGT™ glow stones & sand are solar powered which assists in decreasing a project's overall carbon footprint making them the perfect eco-friendly lighting alternative.

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Optimal Substrate Types


AGT™ glow stones can be seeded and troweled onto fresh concrete and then exposed using a concrete retarder. Other concrete finishes include: etched, stamped, broomed and diamond polished. Recommended glow stone size: 1/2" (12mm)

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AGT™ glow stones are perfect for pool plaster to give you pool an electricity free glow.

Pool Plasters / Veneers

AGT™ Hyper-Luminosity Glowing Mini Pebbles can be applied integrally in pool plaster batches as well as being seeded and troweled onto wet pool plaster surfaces. Recommended glow stone size for batch application 1/8" (2-4mm). Seeded application 1/4" 8mm)

Seed AGT™ glow stones on asphalt and tarmac to add a glow to your walkway or driveway

Asphalt / Tarmac

AGT™ glow stones can be seeded onto the top layer of asphalt and rolled. Recommended glow stone size: AGT™ OPTIMAL Blend™: Proprietary mix of 1/2" (12mm), 1/4" (8mm) and 1/8" (4mm) sized glow stones.

Glowing Path In New Zealand

Glowing Path In New Zealand

Beautiful Path Design in Palmerston North - Powered By: AGT™ Fine Glow Sand.
Project Highlight

Exposed Aggregate
Multi-Use Path
in Singapore

This beautiful glowing concrete project was made 2017 using AGT™ Ultra Grade 1/4" and 1/8" glow stones.

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