Glowing Mini Pebbles

Glowing Mini Pebbles

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      Our NEW - AGT™ High Performance Glowing Mini Pebbles feature an even longer & brighter glow than our industry-leading ULTRA Grade Glow Stones. The innovative shape of the 1/8" sized glow aggregate was specially designed for pool batch use and homogeneously integrates into all types of pool finishes from DiamondBrite™, QuartzScapes™ and Marbletite™ quartz plaster finishes to PebbleTec™ and StoneScapes™ mini pebble finishes - only to name a few. The 1/4" sized AGT™ Glowing Mini Pebbles were designed for hand-broadcasting onto horizontal surfaces such as pool floors, Baja Shelves and stairs as well as exposed aggregate concrete pool decks, patios and walkways. The shape and size of these glowing mini pebbles are very similar to that found in common pea gravel aggregate so exposed aggregate decorative concrete finishes turn out glowingly amazing!

      What's the Difference between AGT™ Glow Stones/Rocks and AGT™ Mini Pebbles?

      1. AGT™ Glow Stones/Rocks: These are typically larger than the mini pebbles and have a more irregular shape. They are often used in outdoor landscaping, gardens, pathways, and concrete applications. Their size and irregularity contribute to a more varied and natural appearance when incorporated into these environments.

      2. AGT™ Mini Pebbles: As suggested by their name, these are smaller in comparison to the glow stones/rocks and are characterized by their more rounded edges and smoother surface. This makes them particularly suited for applications where they might come into direct contact with skin, such as in the interior surfaces of pools. The rounded corners help in reducing the risk of abrasion or discomfort, making them ideal for embedding into pool plasters or finishes.

      Key Features of Glowing Mini Pebbles

      • Glow Power of: 1849 mcd/m2 @ 1min.
      • Comes in three glow colours: Aqua Blue, Emerald Yellow and Sky Blue.
      • Available in two sizes: ¼” (6-8mm), ⅛” (2-4mm).
      • Glowing lasts for 15+ hours after 8 minutes of UV (sunlight or UV light) charge.

      Recommended Uses

      • Patio & Pool Decks
      • Stairs
      • Pool Interiors
      • Baja Shelves
      • Spas
      • Exposed Aggregate Concrete
      • Patios & Walkways

      These glowing mini pebbles will outperform any and all types of Glow in the Dark Gravel, Glow Marble Natural Stone, Glass Glow Chips or even Quantum Grade Glow Stones.