How To Apply AGT™ Glow Sand

The proper application of AGT™ Glow Sand with cement-based mixes is very important to achieve the greatest glow effect.

Application – 1: Mixed into concrete/cement batch:

AGT™ glow sand works best in lighter colored concretes & cements – the closer to white the better. It can be applied in many different ways. If the cement or concrete is light in color (light grey, bone white, etc.) and the cement is going to be applied very thinly like 4-8mm (cement overlay), it can be mixed directly into the cement batch. IF the cement or concrete is light in color (light grey, bone white, etc.) and is thicker, you can broadcast/seed the glow sand on top of the cement/concrete surface and then trowel it in lightly. 

*AGT™ Glow Sand can be applied on the wet surface of darker colored concrete BUT this will require high loading in order to get the desired glow effect. 100% coverage saturation is required to create a satisfactory glow effect. Once the glow sand is broadcasted all over the surface, it can be lightly troweled in.

(See image below) 

Application – 2:  Using AGT™ Glow Sand in a Clear Concrete Sealer:

There are many types of concrete sealers – some are penetrating and some are topical. One technique using a topical sealer like a polyurethane or epoxy, would be to roll a first coat of sealer on your concrete and then while it is still wet, broadcast the AGT™ glow sand all over the surface. Once dry, apply a second coat of sealer to lock the AGT™ glow sand in. The thing to remember about this type of application is that the Glow sand will continue to glow for as long as your sealer is still on the surface. Once the sealer wears off, so will the AGT™ glow sand.

Advanced Application Method – Adding AGT™ Glow Sand to GFRC – Face Coat Mix:

AGT™ Glow Sand can be mixed right into a batch of bone-colored or white Portland Cement-based GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) concrete mix and then sprayed onto the Form’s surface. Another technique for applying AGT™ Glow Sand in dark colored cement/concrete is to either mix it into the clear concrete sealer OR broadcast/seed it onto the wet sealer surface. Once the AGT™ Glow Sand has been applied on/into the clear concrete sealer, wait until it is dry and then apply a second coat to lock the AGT™ Glow Sand into the sealer. 

*NOTE: Always make sure to test AGT™ glow sand loading on a small area to ensure that you have used enough. You can use a small battery-operated UV light to see the AGT™ in the sealer. 

Applying AGT™ Glow Sand into a concrete sealer will work BUT as the sealer wears off- so will the AGT™ Glow Sand.

Glowing Concrete Vanity
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