AGT™ Photo Contest 2022 - Art Project Category Winner

Category: Art Project
M. Emsheimer | Waterford USA | "Release the Kraken"

Project Details: "This was a project we installed for a lady with 3 German Shepherds. She is a marine biologist, and an octopus is fairly special to her. She also named one of her dogs Kraken. So this was a little play on words, etc. She had an octopus stamp made, and we stamped it into the sidewalk for her. Then we stained the Octopus and installed glowing sand mixed with our acrylic sealer into the wording and the eyes. It came out really sweet, and she was very happy with the results. If you look close in the daytime picture and you may spot dog prints and sea shell impressions that we also stamped into the concrete."


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