Glowing Beluga Whale Skeleton

In 2013, artist Max Hooper Schneider launched a unique Kickstarter project titled "The Glowing Beluga Whale Skeleton." The project aimed to encase the bones of a beluga whale in a mixture of clear epoxy and Sky Blue AGT™ Fine Glow Sand, creating a stunning and ethereal work of art that glows in the dark.

Glowing Beluga Whale

The project was inspired by Max Hooper Schneider's fascination with marine life and his interest in exploring the intersection between science and art. He wanted to create a piece that would not only be visually striking but would also highlight the beauty and complexity of the natural world.

Beluga Whale Skeleton Suspended

Sky Blue Fine Glow Sand

To bring his vision to life, Hooper Schneider partnered with a team of experts in marine biology, conservation, and art to source the beluga whale bones and develop a technique for encasing them in epoxy and glow sand. The result was a breathtaking sculpture that captures the intricacies of the whale's skeletal structure and glows in the dark like a magical underwater creature.

Close up of beluga whale glowing bones

The Kickstarter campaign for "The Glowing Beluga Whale Skeleton" was a huge success, raising over $10,000 to fund the project. Supporters were drawn to the unique and innovative nature of the artwork, as well as the message behind it. The project aimed to raise awareness of the plight of beluga whales and the importance of conservation efforts to protect them and their habitats.

Glowing whale skeleton bones

Since its creation, "The Glowing Beluga Whale Skeleton" has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The piece has garnered critical acclaim for its beauty, technical innovation, and environmental message.

Glowing whale bones

"The Glowing Beluga Whale Skeleton" is a stunning example of the power of art to inspire, educate, and raise awareness about important environmental issues. Max Hooper Schneider's vision and dedication to creating a truly unique work of art have resulted in a masterpiece that continues to captivate and delight audiences around the world.

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