Glowing Parking Lane Markers

In the realm of urban design, innovation is constantly reshaping our surroundings. One such remarkable transformation has been witnessed in Ukraine, where BTG, in collaboration with the worlds highest performing glow stones from AGT™, has brought a touch of enchantment to parking spaces. By utilizing the mesmerizing combination of AGT™ ULTRA Sky Blue 1/4" Glow Stones and BASF Elastopave Coating, they have created luminous parking lane markers that not only enhance safety but also lend an ethereal glow to the urban landscape.

Glowing Parking Lines

BTG's pioneering approach involved combining AGT™ ULTRA Sky Blue 1/4" Glow Stones with BASF Elastopave Coating. AGT™ Glow Stones are cutting-edge luminescent aggregates that absorb and emit light, allowing them to glow for extended periods after exposure to UV light. Their unique composition ensures a vibrant and consistent glow, making them ideal for creating eye-catching visual elements.

Glowing Parking Lines

To solidify the glow stones and create a durable surface suitable for vehicular traffic, BTG employed BASF Elastopave Coating. This innovative coating material, known for its resilience and flexibility, effectively binds the glow stones together, creating a stable and long-lasting glow line.

Glowing Parking Lines at Night


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