Glowing Pool Deck Border

A swimming pool is not only a refreshing oasis during hot summer days but also a center-piece of any backyard paradise. To take your poolside experience to the next level, imagine a pool deck that exudes a captivating glow, creating an enchanting ambiance as the sun sets. Thanks to the innovative glow aggregate products from AGT™, you can now turn this dream into a reality.

Glowing Pool Deck Border

Christopher Maggio from Maggio Concrete in NY embraced the challenge of crafting a pool deck border that would illuminate the surrounding area. AGT™ ULTRA 1/2" Purple and Aqua Blue Glow Stones were the key materials employed, ensuring a mesmerizing glow that lasts long after the sun has disappeared. These glow stones are specifically designed to absorb sunlight during the day and emit a gentle, radiant glow during the night, creating an otherworldly ambiance.

Glowing Pool Deck Border during the day

To achieve a flawless finish, the contractor followed a meticulous process. First, a layer of concrete was poured, and then exposed aggregate was seeded and troweled on top to create a smooth surface around the pool deck border. A top cast 150 retarder was then applied to the concrete surface to slow down the curing process. After about 10 hours of curing, the contractor then power-washed the surface at 5000 PSI using a 1-AS round tip. This ensures that any concrete residue covering the glow stones are removed allowing the glow stones to get fully exposed to the daylight.

Glowing Pool Deck Border

As night falls, this glowing pool deck border truly comes alive. The AGT™ ULTRA 1/2" Purple and Aqua Blue Glow Stones emit a soft, ethereal glow, creating a captivating and magical atmosphere. The vibrant hues of purple and aqua blue seamlessly blend with the surrounding pool and landscape, casting a warm, inviting light that enhances the overall ambiance of your outdoor space.

Ultra Grade Glow Stones - Aqua Blue


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