Glowing Concrete Wave Sink

In Ozark, Missouri, a unique design project was recently completed, blending practical utility with a hint of creative flair. This project, the Glowing Concrete Wave Sink, began as a standard request for a vanity top with an under-mount sink. However, it evolved into something much more interesting thanks to AGT™ glow stones.

The inspiration for this unique sink came from a client's son who is a fan of the movie Tron. Intrigued by the idea of incorporating elements from the film into their home, the client was excited to learn about the possibilities offered by AGT™ glow stones. These stones are capable of storing light and glowing in the dark, providing both a functional light source and a striking visual effect.

For this project, Nicholas B. of Conic Design used AGT™ 1/4" Glow Mini Pebbles in Aqua Blue and Sky Blue to create the glowing effect. The location of the sink also plays a crucial role in its functionality. Positioned near a western-facing window, the sink receives ample evening sunlight, which charges the pebbles to glow throughout the night.

This installation was expertly handled by Conic Design, a business specializing in concrete countertops and remodeling. Their approach to this project shows a commitment to both quality craftsmanship and innovative design.

For more information on their work, visit Conic Design: Concrete Countertops and remodeling.

The Glowing Wave Sink is a perfect example of how a simple home fixture can be transformed into something both useful and visually appealing, demonstrating the potential for everyday objects to be reinvented through creative design.

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