Honey Bee Logo in Exposed Aggregate Patio

Check out this amazing custom designed glow pattern created by Wes Stein and Aaron Smith with help from Smith Paving and Excavating located in Ohio.

"We just wanted to share with you our patio project we just completed this past weekend.  We reached out to a local contractor Smith Paving and Excavating for ideas for a new concrete patio at our home.  We have never heard or seen your product until they showed us examples that they had done in the past after we asked for something new and that not everyone had.  We were looking to get away from the traditional stamped concrete which seems to be done everywhere lately and wanted to do something that would stand out. 

That is when Aaron Smith showed us examples of a previous project they had done with AGT™'s Glow Stone.  When we showed Aaron a picture of our honey logo and asked if it could be done he accepted the challenge and worked with us to give us a great addition to out patio using your product.  We cut out a 7’ by 5’ stencil out of plywood and used that as our template. 

Once the stencil was removed we filled in the bridging of the stencil to make a solid picture and it came out beautifully.  We used 5 pounds of the ½” ULTRA Grade Aqua Blue Stones.

See the pictures of the process and thank you for your product in giving us truly a one of a kind patio." - Wes Stein Project Manager

Honey Bee Night Time
Honey Bee Laying into Concrete
Honey Bee Logo Post Wash AGT™ Glow Stones
Honey Bee Stencil AGT™ Glow Stones

Glowing Concrete Vanity
Glowing Chakra Dreamer