Glowing Concrete Pool Deck in Texas

This glowing concrete project was executed in Texas, USA and features an exposed aggregate pool deck powered by 1/2" AGT Commercial-Grade Glow Stones in Sky Blue with accents of 1/2" Aqua Blue glow rocks.

How this project was done:

The concrete was poured and troweled. Then the 1/2" AGT Commercial Grade glow stones were hand broadcasted on to the wet concrete surface and troweled in. Note that, after troweling, the glow aggregates should just be covered by the cream of the concrete. Next, the whole surface was sprayed with a concrete retarder which slows the curing process on the surface of the concrete. This allows the concrete contractor to expose the surface aggregates including the AGT Glow Aggregates by applying a mild pressure wash (water). Then the surface is left to dry. Once dry, the concrete surface was sprayed with a concrete sealer and voila - a one of a kind glowing pool deck.

The magical beauty of Sky Blue 1/2" Commercial Grade glow stones once the sun sets...