Longest Glow Path in North America - City of Vinton, USA

The City of Vinton, IA has been on the cutting edge when it comes to green technology. In 2020 they completed a glowing multi-use trail that used AGT™ ULTRA Grade Glow Stones to make the longest glowing trail in North America!

City of Vinton Glow Path at sunset

Using an exposed aggregate implementation method and over 3000 pounds of 1/2" Emerald Yellow ULTRA grade glow stone, the parks and recreation department used AGT™ glow stones throughout this path for a special pop of color and a bit of magic during night time hours. This path uses 100% eco-friendly lighting that illuminates the path for safety and beauty throughout this park.

City of Vinton Glow Trail at Dusk

Vinton is now home to the longest glow in the dark trail in the country and it's all powered by AGT™ ULTRA Grade Glow Stones. Are you looking for a way to brighten up your town’s green space walking trail, bike path or residential driveway? Learn how to apply AGT™ Glow Stones by reading this article.

Plan your next visit to Vinton and see the beauty of this 2 mile long trail for yourself. http://vprdzone.com/celebration-park.

Long view of the City of Vinton Glow Trail made with AGT™ Glow Stones
City of Vinton AGT™ Glow Trail
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