Nathan's Miles Glow Trail

The city of Vinton features a unique two-mile glow-in-the-dark path, the longest of its kind in the United States. This remarkable addition was part of the City’s Master Trails Plan, conceived over a decade ago, to extend the “trail to nowhere,” a three-mile loop around the school campus catering to the city's expanding areas.

Glow Stone Trail

Initially, the trail design was straightforward until the idea of incorporating glow-in-the-dark stones surfaced, adding a new layer of excitement and appeal to the project. The trail, aptly named “Nathan’s Miles,” honors Nathan Hesson, a former Vinton City council member and early advocate of the project, who passed away in January 2021 at the age of 37.

Ashley Hesson, Nathan’s wife, reminisces, “I remember a long time ago that we were kicking around ideas in an email. Oh, there are these trails in Europe that glow and how cool would that be to do something like that in Vinton? He had this idea that like, we can do this, this is a reality that let’s pursue it.”

Glow Stone Installation

After evaluating various colors and glow intensities, the city decided on AGT™ Ultra Grade Emerald Yellow 1/2" Glow Stones, due to their superior brightness. These stones were integrated into the concrete at a ratio of one pound of stones to every 16 square feet of concrete, ensuring optimal illumination.

While the glow-in-the-dark portion spans two miles, it completes a three-mile loop designed for all types of trail recreation, appealing to all ages. This glowing pathway not only serves the local community but also attracts visitors, adding a new dimension to Vinton’s charm. Residents now have an exciting and visually stunning trail to enjoy both day and night.

Nathan’s Miles stands as a beautiful memorial to Nathan Hesson, celebrating his dedication to the community and his ever-present smile. Ashley hopes that “people that knew him can remember about him for a long time to come. And the people that don’t know him or that will come and enjoy the trail in the future can learn a little bit about his story and who he was and what he put back into the community around him.”

AGT™ is proud to have contributed to this heartfelt project, providing glow stones that bring Nathan’s vision to life and light up the path for future generations.

Glow Trail

Nathan's Miles Glow Trail
Glowing Concrete Vanity