Nighttime Glowing Patio Oasis

This incredible patio transformation comes from a concrete industry pro with 20 years of experience! They always envisioned a unique patio space for their home. After seeing a colleague experiment with AGT glow stones, they knew this was the solution for bringing starlit magic to their design.

Quentin K. of Iowa, strategically embedded AGT™ ULTRA Grade 1/2" Sky Blue Glow Stones in a border around the patio, creating decorative interior bands. Even the concrete caps on benches and planter boxes glimmer with these high performance glow-in-the-dark stones. Finally, the flowerbed leading to the front of the house boasts a glowing band for a dramatic first impression.

The project cleverly uses integral color throughout. This ensures a cohesive look while making the glow features the clear standouts. Walls were kept subtly toned down to direct focus toward the patio and its twinkling accents.

The result is truly breathtaking at night! Sitting in this country setting, with zero light pollution, is the perfect way to experience the full galactic effect of the embedded stones. It's an enchanting experience, like sitting directly amidst a field of stars!

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