The Glowing Ark Sink

This White Portland-based concrete vessel sink has taken a unique turn in terms of sink design. What sets it apart? A clever touch of AGT™ Sky Blue Fine Sand mixed with White Portland cement, poured into a subtle perimeter channel. The result? A sink that surprises in the dark, emitting a soft, soothing glow that adds a touch of magic to your space.

Glowing Ark Sink

The AGT™ Sky Blue Fine Sand, soaks up energy from light sources during the day and emits a gentle luminosity that turns the sink into an unexpected nighttime delight. This fusion of function and aesthetics elevates your everyday bathroom experience. It's a reminder that design can be both practical and imaginative, and that even the most ordinary objects can have a touch of enchantment.

In the world of design, sometimes it's the simplest twists that leave the most lasting impressions. The white Portland concrete sink with its AGT™ Sky Blue Fine Sand surprise is a testament to the power of creative thinking, turning an everyday item into a conversation starter. Witness the magic for yourself and let your space come alive, day and night with AGT™!

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