The Glowline opens on the Elizabeth River Trail in Norfolk, Virginia

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Located on a section of the Elizabeth River Trail, The Glowline is the fourth luminous trail in the U.S. and the first on the East Coast. The primary goal of the Glowline project was safety, as this section of the trail was poorly lit during night.

The Glow Line

The Elizabeth River Trail Foundation spent a lot of time on research, and tested numerous types of alternative lighting for this special project. They came to the conclusion that glow stones from Ambient Glow Technology provided the best results. The 800 feet long, 12 feet wide concrete path was created using AGT™ ULTRA Emerald Yellow 1/2" Glow Stones. The stones are made using a proprietary process that absorb UV light from the sun during the day, then instantly glow in the dark for up to 15+ hours afterward.

“We tried a variety of materials, and these stones were the brightest and glowed the longest,” - Kindra Greene, executive director of the Elizabeth River Trail Foundation.

Steps of installation:

  1. The old asphalt trail was removed.
  2. A concrete bed was put in place.
  3. The glow stones were then added to a top layer of concrete, using stencils made in the shape of fiddle ferns.
  4. After curing, the top layer of concrete was lightly ground down to expose the stones.

Glow Stone Installation

The Glowline opens on the Elizabeth River Trail in Norfolk, Virginia

The path to a brighter future is lit by glowing stones. These innovative alternatives offer an environmentally friendly and magical way of illuminating any path or walkway in your city.

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