Best Charging Options for your AGT™ Glow Stones

Best Light-Source Types for Electricity Free
AGT™ Glow Stones & Glow Sand Products

It is important to realize that the light-source, brightness and type of bulb determines the efficiency of AGT™ surface energizing. Efficient bulbs not only charge faster, but can obtain a brighter level of glow.

List of Light Sources for Electricity-Free Glow Stones Charging in order of Efficiency

  1. Direct Sunlight – HIGHEST – FULL UV Spectrum Light
  2. Daylight – Glow Stones will charge even on a cloudy day because UV Spectrum Light penetrates clouds.
  3. Black Light Tube - Artificial UV Light
  4. UV LED's
  5. Fluorescent Bulbs/long tubes
  6. Compact Fluorescent or CFL - spiral tube, screw-in
    7. Incandescent - standard light bulb
  7. White LED's – will still charge glow stones but is the LOWEST energy source.

Direct & Indirect Sunlight are the BEST light sources to energize AGT™ glow stones or glow sand surfaces.

Black Lights – create the second most efficient light source to energize AGT™ glow rock surfaces. A few seconds of exposure to black light will allow AGT™ to glow stones to glow brighter than an incandescent bulb lit for 10 hours. AGT™ glow rocks will achieve an 80% charge within a few seconds, 90% charge within 30 seconds, 95% charge within 2 minutes and a 100% charge in approximately 10 minutes.

Fluorescent bulbs, both CFL and tube style - naturally emit more ultraviolet light, which makes them more efficient than regular incandescent light bulbs.

Incandescent – Regular Light Bulbs: A 100 watt incandescent light bulb as a charging source, has only about 10-25 watts that are working to actually charge the pigment. Therefore, a 60 watt black light bulb will far outperform the higher powered white light.


How long does it take to get a full charge?

AGT™ glow stones and glow sand will reach their maximum charge rate from any artificial light source in 20 minutes. Maximum Charge & Speed of AGT™ Glow rock charge will change depending on the light source used.

Does size of AGT™ Glow Stones and Glow Sand have an impact on charge time & length of charge?

The size of the pigment does have an impact on charge time required and charge length. Larger aggregates like AGT-EY ½” will glow brighter and longer but requires more time to charge than for example AGT-SYS-F Fine Glow in the Dark Sand which will reach peak charge in 10 minutes and release light energy for 12+ hrs. 

What is the best type of White light bulb to use?

The best type of white light to use would be either Fluorescent or CFL "Daylight" bulbs.

Please Note:

When evaluating AGT™’s glow performance keep in mind that the human eye requires approximately 2-4 minutes to adjust to low light/ no light environmental conditions.