Create a Glowing Exposed Aggregate Concrete Surface

How to Apply AGT™ Glow Aggregatesin Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Utilize the Seeding Technique

The most popular application method – seeding otherwise known as hand-broadcasting is the quickest and easiest way to apply AGT™ Glow Stones. Basically, you toss the AGT™ Glow Stones all over the setting concrete surface. Once this is completed, the glow rocks are worked into the curing concrete with a trowel so they are just under the surface, covered with a thin film of concrete.

Use a Concrete Retarder to Expose the AGT™ Glow Stones

Chemical exposure of the glow in the dark stones is achieved by lightly spraying a concrete retarding agent over the curing concrete. The concrete retarder slows down the chemical curing process on the surface, allowing it to remain uncured so that a 1/32” – 1/4” of the concrete can be washed off. The AGT™ glow stones are then exposed at the surface creating an anti-slip glowing concrete surface.

Glow Stones are seeded on and then trowelled in

Chemical Retarder was applied and then washed off to reveal this glowing exposed aggregate finish

Final Product – Magical!!!



Using: 5-12mm AGT™ Glow Stones

  1. Pour concrete
  2. Bull Float
  3. Seed AGT™ Stones on top
  4. Use Fresno to work the AGT™ Glow Rocksinto the slab
  5. Apply any high quality chemical retarder like Grace Products TopCast and follow product directions.
  6. Let concrete set & cure
  7. Return and pressure wash surface with water.
  8. Completed
  • We strongly suggest that a sample pour be executed to test how AGT™ Glow Stones behave in concrete as well as to determine type, strength and duration of retarder being applied.