How to Apply AGT™ Professional-Grade Glow Stone

Seeding Technique

The most popular application method – seeding otherwise known as hand-broadcasting is the quickest and easiest way to apply AGT™ Glow Stone. Basically, you toss the AGT™ Glow Stone all over the setting concrete surface. Once this is completed, the glow rock is worked into the curing concrete with a Fresno Trowel so they are just under the surface, covered with a thin film of concrete.

Two Most Popular Ways of Exposing AGT™ Glow Stone

In order to get the concrete glowing, the AGT™ glow stone has to be exposed to the surface so that it may absorb light energy and store it for later use. This can be accomplished either chemically or mechanically. Chemical exposure of the glow stone is achieved by lightly spraying a concrete retarding agent over the curing concrete such as Grace Products TopCast™ - Top Surface Etcher: The concreteretarder slows down the chemical curing process on the concrete’s surface, allowing it to remain uncured so that a 1/32” – 1/4” of the concrete can be washed off. The AGT™ glow stone is then exposed at the surface creating a rough, glowing concrete surface.

Chemically Exposed - AGT™ Glow Stone              Mechanically Exposed - AGT™ Glow Stone

The second, more labor-intensive approach is to expose the AGT™ glow rock mechanically using diamond-laden polishing pads mounted on either hand-held polishers or heavy-duty concrete floor polishing machines. This form of glow in the dark concrete finishing creates a beautifully smooth surface, energized by glowing stone which resemble the sky at night… Both the above methods arrive at similar glowing results. It’s up to the property owner to choose which is more suitable.

Application of AGT™ 16mm/12mm/8mm Glow Stone on a Fresh Concrete Slab

  1. Pour concrete
  2. Bull Float
  3. Seed AGT™ Stone on top
  4. Use Fresno to cover AGT™ Stone lightly
  5. Apply retarder like: “TopCast” Product – Available through Grace Products
  6. Let set & cure
  7. Return and hose down surface with water.
  8. Completed