Galaxy Glowing Concrete Countertops

Peter M. of California recently transformed his backyard by building a new pool house complete with these incredible glow-in-the-dark concrete countertops in the kitchen, exterior bar-top and bathroom vanity. Using AGT™ 1/4" Ultra Grade Aqua Blue Glow Stones, he created a daytime look that's stylish and a nighttime look that's truly out of this world.

As the sun sets, these countertops light up as if with thousands of tiny stars. The intense turquoise blue glow creates an effect that's part cityscape, part distant galaxy. It's a showstopper that leaves everyone in awe! Along the outer edge of the backyard pool is a large feature boulder resting on a ring of AGT™ Ultra Grade Sky Blue and Aqua Blue glow in the dark rocks. The soft glow reflects beautifully off the pool water, adding even more magic to the space.

This is what the countertops look like during the day for comparison.

Peter's choice of aqua blue perfectly complements the pool house design and ties the whole look together. If you're looking for a unique and unforgettable feature, take inspiration from this California pool house project!

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