Glowing Bike Path

This unique bike lane is the result of combining AGT™ ULTRA Emerald Yellow 1/4" Glow Stones with BASF Elastopave Coating. The installers BAU from Russia have crafted a safe and dazzling urban feature that illuminates the night in a sustainable and magical way.

Glowing Bike Lane

At the heart of this extraordinary creation are AGT™ ULTRA Emerald Yellow 1/4" Glow Stones. These tiny, eco-friendly glow in the dark stones soak up sunlight during the day and emit a gentle glow at night, eliminating the need for traditional lights. This eco-friendly technology not only saves energy but also ensures better visibility for cyclists and pedestrians, making nighttime commuting safer.

Glowing Bike Lane

To secure the glow stones and ensure durability, the installers used BASF Elastopave Coating. This special material acts as a binder, creating a sturdy, smooth surface for cyclists to ride on. It protects the glow stones from wear and tear caused by foot traffic and weather, ensuring the bike lane's longevity.

Glowing Bike Lane

Aside from its mesmerizing beauty, the Glowing Bike Path offers practical advantages. Its radiant glow enhances safety, reducing the risk of accidents during the night. Moreover, it promotes sustainability by conserving electricity and contributing to a greener environment.

AGT Ultra Grade Emerald Yellow Glow Stones

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