Singapore Rail Corridor Project - Glowing Exposed Aggregate Concrete - 2017

This beautiful glowing concrete project was designed in 2016 and executed in 2017 in Singapore. It is an exposed aggregate glowing concrete path surface powered by AGT™ Ultra Grade 1/4" and 1/8" glow stones.

Glowing concrete walking trail powered by AGT ULTRA Grade Glow Stones

During the day, the AGT™ glow stones blend invisibly into the light-colored concrete surface.

Glowing concrete walking path Powered BY: AGT ULTRA Grade Glow Stones

As the sun begins to set, the AGT™ Glow Stones come alive.

Glowing concrete walking path using AGT ULTRA Glow Stones

Once the sun has set, the surface magically glows like the stars in the sky for hours....

Nathan's Miles Glow Trail
Glowing Concrete Vanity