Singapore Rail Corridor Project - Glowing Exposed Aggregate Concrete - 2017

This beautiful glowing concrete project was designed in 2016 and executed in 2017 in Singapore. It is an exposed aggregate glowing concrete path surface powered by AGT™ Ultra Grade 1/4" and 1/8" glow stones.

Glowing concrete walking trail powered by AGT ULTRA Grade Glow Stones

During the day, the AGT™ glow stones blend invisibly into the light-colored concrete surface.

Glowing concrete walking path Powered BY: AGT ULTRA Grade Glow Stones

As the sun begins to set, the AGT™ Glow Stones come alive.

Glowing concrete walking path using AGT ULTRA Glow Stones

Once the sun has set, the surface magically glows like the stars in the sky for hours....