How To Buy The Highest Performing Glow Rocks

How Can I Make Sure I Buy the Highest Performing Glow Stones?

The only way to really know which glow stone product has the highest glow performance is to compare them head-to-head. The fact is that pouring any decorative concrete surface is quite an investment in itself let alone adding the cost of glow stones. So the best advice is to order a few samples and compare their glow performance.

Different Grades of Glow Stones

There are two basic grades of glow stones, Hobby-Grade and Professional-Grade. Most of the glow pebbles, glow rocks and glow stones that are sold online are hobby-grade. Unlike their inflated glow performance claims, these glow stonesglow for 30-60 minutes and then are hardly visible unless viewed in complete darkness. The most popular hobby-grade glow stones are either cheap, molded plastic kidney shaped glow stonesthat are usually shown piled in planters or scattered loosely on top of an existing surfaces such as grass or dirt walkways or glowing glass chips. These inferior glow stone and glowing glass chip products are most suited for certain arts & crafts and other similar hobby-type applications where superior glow performance is not important.

Professional-Grade glow stones on the other hand feature a 45%-60% higher luminosity and overall glow duration than any molded plastic glow stone or glowing glass chip imitation available anywhere from anyone. This type of high performance, commercial-grade glow stone was first introduced to the North American decorative concrete marketplace in 2008 by glow aggregate market leader – Ambient Glow Technology™ – AGT™. Over the years, thousands of decorative concrete contractors, architects and homeowners the world over have trusted Ambient Glow Technology™ (AGT™) glow stone and glow sand for their photoluminescent projects – a trust that AGT™ founder and CEO, Peter Tomé does not take lightly… “We understand that the product must perform as specified and our reputation is held in the balance”. He goes on to state that,  “For us, glowing stones and other photoluminescent products do not serve as a new, trendy thing to sell on the web – they serve as our core business”.