Premium - AGT™ Glowing Mini Pebble Sample Kit
Premium - AGT™ Glowing Mini Pebble Sample Kit
Premium - AGT™ Glowing Mini Pebble Sample Kit

Premium - AGT™ Glowing Mini Pebble Sample Kit

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This is our Premium Glowing Mini Pebble Sample Kit containing AGT™ Glowing Mini Pebble samples in Emerald Yellow, Aqua Blue and Sky Blue in both  Both 1/4" & 1/8" sizes.

Our NEW - AGT™ High Performance Glowing Mini Pebbles feature an even longer & brighter glow than our industry-leading ULTRA Grade Glow Stones. The  innovative shape of the 1/8" sized glow aggregate was specially designed for pool batch use and homogeneously integrates into all types of pool finishes from DiamondBrite™, QuartzScapes™ and Marbletite™ quartz plaster finishes to PebbleTec™ and StoneScapes™ mini pebble finishes - only to name a few.

The 1/4" sized AGT™ Glowing Mini Pebbles were designed for hand-broadcasting onto horizontal surfaces such as pool floors, Baja Shelves and stairs as well as exposed aggregate concrete pool decks, patios and walkways. The shape and size of these glowing mini pebbles are very similar to that found in common pea gravel aggregate so exposed aggregate decorative concrete finishes turn out glowingly amazing!

These glowing mini pebbles will outperform any/all types of Glow in the Dark Gravel, Glow Marble natural stone, Glass Glow Chips or even Quantum grade glow stones.

Aqua Blue Resin Glow Sand

1/4" Sky Blue Mini Pebble

1/2" Emerald Yellow Ultra Grade

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Why Ambient Glow Technology?

We are the market leader in high performance glow stones for concrete and asphalt. Since developing the current industry-standard - AGT™ Commercial Grade glow stones in 2008, Ambient Glow Technology has remained on the cutting edge of glow in the dark stone manufacturing technology.

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We have tried some other glow stone products on the market and they all pale in comparison to AGT. Your glow stones produce a 50%-75% greater glow intensity & duration than ANY other other glow marble and glow glass chips we have ever tested.

Dr. Eugene Tssui, Architect, Author, CA., USA

I have tried other glow stones on the market such as glass glow stones and THEY JUST DON'T GLOW! AGT Glow Stones have the brightest and longest lasting glow on the planet! Don't waste your money or time on anything else!

Shane M. - Illinois, USA