1 lb. - 350 Mesh - ULTRA Plasma Purple Fine Glow Sand

Ambient Glow Technology

Exterior Use ONLY.

Our most powerful glow formula was used for this fine glow sand which features the brightest and longest lasting glow possible in the purple glow spectrum. This NEW size glow sand is excellent for detailed work OR can be mixed into a concrete sealers and face coat batches and either poured or sprayed to create a completely even coverage. It can also be seeded on top of setting concrete or epoxy surfaces as well as clear concrete sealers. Also great for outlining borders or logos.

Weight: 1 lbs
Initial Brilliance: Purple Glow
After Glow: 10+ hours
Sizing: 350 mesh
Daytime Color: Off white
Uses: Used in concrete sealers, face-coats, GFRC, micro-toppings, epoxy, topical cement, stucco, and more.

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